People in "8 NEST"

What kind of people are the tenants?

The 8 NEST is home to more than 50 countries of the people.
In all of the share house, the local people of the residents (Japanese), Western zone, by taking into consideration the Asia ratio, offers a share life of bias-free variety of languages and different cultures. Not caught in the location offers anywhere in the world place of life continue the life of the same quality.

What is the ratio between males and females?

We try to keep the balance between males and females approximately 50:50.

What they do?

People of various occupations in 8 NEST.
All IT engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, writer, translator, and more ...

Which age groups?

To activate communication, we have an age limit from 18 - 35 years for our tenants.



Real voice of "8 NEST" tenants

◯What makes you interested in 8 NEST?

A-1:Everyday life is international exchange!

Nest is a community for people to continue to travel while working from all over the world.
Not caught in the location continue the life of the same quality anywhere in the world, we move is always a place to live to be received new information and stimuli from the world.

A-2:Enhance the residents limit of the program!

Movement within the "8 NEST" is cheaper member price "FREE TRANCEFER" and,
If the members share the office of the available free of charge "8 NEST
" such as exchange meetings with other nomad worker, I decided the tenants attracted to 8 NEST unique program.
Since I signed up immediately in exchange meeting, I am looking forward from now!

◯What do you do usually in the house?

A-1:Gathered in nature and living, it is fun to talk with everyone!

- Housemates told me to open the birthday party!
- Other party also called friends of the share house!
- Everyone went to travel abroad to visit to leave the housemates!
- Each other to create a country of the cuisine of each other and ate.

◯Change in their share life had?

A-1:At first I was often confined to the room anxiety, everyone is me over the voice, but now was to speak from their own!

- To hear, such as state of the overseas school, increased willingness to go to study abroad.
- The variety of people and to the day-to-day story, was spread the width of the future of the choices!
- Shy of to move to want to change myself, I think that has changed little by little.




8 NEST koudaiji

Located near the historic district, it is great during the day. Classic Kyoto atmosphere. It is very quiet at the top of the hill.



Every morning awakening, was in the chirping of birds.

It it is one of the experience of local life.

House of the place is really good, also, the environment around the house, you can feel the real Kyoto.


8 NEST mibu


No good complaining about the distance from the breadth and good amenities and good station


8 NEST nakameguro


The rooms are clean building, big, there is everything you need in the room. There is a convenience store in the place that was down.


The neighborhood is quiet and clean, so the atmosphere was good.


Neighborhood is quiet, you go can walk Daikanyama Ebisu. Tokyo Tower visible from the balcony was also felt good.

Good location, the house is a very traditional Japanese architecture, you can travel while experiencing the Kyoto life.



Location but suburbs nice place, not far from the main street